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Maria and Jay started their real estate career together due to a shared passion for the possibility of assisting those in need.

Jay, who spent 12 years serving our Nation’s military, understands the deep necessity for stability in home life. Having moved all over the country has given him the experience necessary to help others find their own homes.

Maria, on the other hand, is a single mother who knows first-hand how to connect dreams with reality by building her Real Estate portfolio dollar by dollar.

Their synergy comes from the combination of two totally different personalities and sets of skills. Together they have the knowledge and passion to help even the wildest dreams come true.


Maria and her family moved to the U.S. when she was 14 years old. They came here in search of a better life. Growing up in Las Vegas, NV she held a series of jobs to help support her family and save enough to go to college. After a Lemony Snicket turn of events, she found herself in the PNW with her daughter. Through sheer will, sacrifice, and determination, she was able to save up enough to purchase her first home! She will never forget the feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, and security this milestone brought to her. The very next year she bought her first rental which brought a sense of pride and hope for her and her daughter's future that cannot be replicated. Buying real estate was so empowering for her that she is determined to help more people realize the dream of purchasing a home and considering stretching beyond that into investing. Her passion for Real Estate led her to earn her Brokers license and launch her very own Realty Team with Windermere Real Estate. She is grateful to have the opportunity to live the American Dream (as a Dreamer) and wants to guide others towards their Dreams!

- JAY -

Growing up in Napa Valley, CA gave Jay a valuable perspective on life. His father, working in the agricultural fields, showed him that hard work and diligence in the fields produced the finest grapes for the crush. He learned how sweat and callouses could result in a fine wine that would bring people from all over the world to enjoy. As his father put in long hours learning his craft, going above and beyond, and climbing the ladder from laborer to manager he saw how dedication and determination could change someone’s life and the lives of those around them. These life lessons instilled humility and a strong work ethic in him that guides the rest of his life. In 2009, Jay joined the U.S. Navy, in order to serve our country and see the world. There were many challenges, but nothing that hard work, determination, and persistence couldn’t overcome. It was an honor and privilege to serve for 12 years and he is deeply thankful for all the amazing experiences that came with it! He feels blessed to plant his roots on Whidbey Island and raise his family in such a beautiful place. Jay looks forward to helping others plant some of their own roots here and cultivate a life they love!